Title: Blissful Perceptions
Author: mikkithegazette
Chapters: 1/?
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death
Pairing: Reita x Kai
Disclaimer: These fingers were made for typing, and that's just what they do. These fingers were made for typing and they'll type all about you......you know. From my imagination. If I actually owned the people mentioned, they would be making more than music with each other...
Synopsis: I asked that doctor what he say. He said, "There ain't enough meds. Oh boy, you better off dead,"
Comments: I've been in a constant state of depression over the past few weeks and I came across some inspiration. It's going to be kind of jumbled and seems like it's not well thought out, but since this is a journal-type fic, I figured it would be more believable if I wrote it like a real journal: jumbled thoughts and messy feelings. Enjoy.

21 June 2001, 07:36
   Hi there, journal. Before I write any further, I gotta tell you I honestly don't know what to write in here because I've never had a journal before. I mean, I've had, like, little pieces of paper to write down quick thoughts and then throw away, but that's about it. Never an actual journal. Whatever the case, Machiko-san insists I write down my "imbalanced and comflicting" thoughts down in here. Only problem is she never told me how to fucking do it. What do I do, tell you my favorite porn star? The name of my pet goldfish and how I was completely scarred when I realized I killed it by stomping on it when I took it out of the water to play with? As if.

   I guess I can start by introducing myself. What's up, journal, my name is Suzuki Akira but my friends call me Reita. Well.....that's if I had any friends in the first place. All of them stopped visiting me once my parents were told I got worse, but I don't think I got worse. Actually, I don't think there's anything wrong with me. I'm not once of those crazy people like the ones down in the white rooms down the hall.

   Gotta go. They're calling everyone down for breakfast and I'm starving.


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