Title: Blissful Perceptions
Author: mikkithegazette
Chapters: 2/?
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mental illness
Pairing: Reita x Kai
Disclaimer: These fingers were made for typing, and that's just what they do. These fingers were made for typing and they'll type all about you......you know. From my imagination. If I actually owned the people mentioned, they would be making more than music with each other...
Synopsis: I asked that doctor what he say. He said, "There ain't enough meds. Oh boy, you better off dead."
Comments: I've been in a constant state of depression over the past few weeks and I came across some inspiration. It's going to be kind of jumbled and seems like it's not well thought out, but since this is a journal-type fic, I figured it would be more believable if I wrote it like a real journal: jumbled thoughts and messy feelings. Enjoy.

21 June 2011, 22:14 

   Hey, journal. Nothing much happened today except the usual. After I got done writing in you, I had to go to breakfast and have those goddamn nurses look over me while I ate. It was pretty fucking annoying. Why do they have to look over me, you ask? Well, today is Tuesday which means everyone gets pancakes. For some reason, that's supposed to excite everyone in the institution, but it only irritates me. Pancake Tuesday; who woulda fucking thought.

   Who would want to eat something like that anyway? All it does is fatten you up like a bloody Santa plushie and give you extra weight to work off. I opted for cereal, of course. I was not having that poison put into my system. Okay, back to the nurses. The entire time I'd been here ( about half a month), they watch me like a hawk when it comes to meal times. See, I have this habit of taking extremely small bites out of everything I eat because taking big bites out of anything makes me feel like I wanna puke; I've been doing it for years and it's pretty ritualistic. I'd say I put about three or four pieces of Reese's Pieces in my spoon and eat on it like that. No problem, right? I know! I'm just trying to watch my intake like a healthy person.

   Anyway, when I was done eating, I had to go to the bathroom and take care of my business but I wasn't allowed. The fuck? What man isn't allowed to take a piss whenever he wants? It's not like I'm going to try anything like last time. Jeez, these people can be touchy. The rest of the day went by normally except for this one bit of gossip I'm hearing right at this moment while I write this in our common room: there's going to be a new kid arriving tomorrow. According to Takanori he's pretty batshit crazy, but aren't we all?

   I'll update you tomorrow. It's lights out for me. Goodnight!

   P.S: I think I'll name you Totoro. Reminds me of my best friend because he was as fat and tall as the character. You're pretty thick and fat, too. Thank God I'm not you.
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