Oct. 8th, 2013

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For the past few months, I've been quite miserable.

For one, school started in August; my senior year is finally here. Teachers told me last year that if I did everything I was supposed to in my previous years that this year would "be a breeze." THEY FUCKING LIED. It's less than two months into the semester and I'm already failing most of my classes because all of the teachers decided it would be a good idea to pile on more work than I am personally able to handle and say it's my fault that I'm failing.

How the hell is it my fault that I'm living check to check with my mother working most hours of the day and having nothing to work on my school work with? Several times this month, I've had no way to work at home and until recently I had no computer. My cell phone is suspended cause my mom can't pay the bill and my net has been turned off and on for weeks. How exactly am I supposed to do anything in situations such as these? I hope this year gets better because I don't like it so far.

Moving away from my whining, what's up with this anti-gay post thing happening on LJ? THAT'S BASICALLY ALL OF THE SIXTH GUNS' WORK AND ACCOUNTS BEING REMOVED OH NO. Well just in case, I made this DW account. Feel free to add me!


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