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You know, in some form or another, I'm dealing with bitchy people. Most of these bitchy people are either on Facebook pages or roleplay forums (from observation) and I'm kinda tired of it.

I decided that I would rp for the first time ever on this forum called Gekokujou and its basically a jrock/jpop rp forum that's set in Edo period Japan. I've always had an interest in old Japan so I was like why not, sounds fun. Well the first FEW times I had to submit my application, one of the admins KEPT finding stuff she didn't like about it and went as far as to call my personality description for my character lacking and wimpy. That I didn't really care about because I know I'm bad with describing personalities.

But then she called me and my rp samples iliterate.

*looks left*
*looks right*
*looks and my stories*
*looks at my poem that got placed in a contest on recommendation*
*looks at comments on my fanfiction saying how my writing is beautifully written*
*looks at my badass grades in Honors Literature*

Do I look fucking illiterate to anyone? No one sane? Oh okay.

I. AM. NOT. ILLITERATE. PERIOD. I can write letters and know what they mean, I'm educated with literature as one of my best fucking subjects, I get top grades on creative writing, and I write poetry for a fucking hobby. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT WORD FUCKING MEANS?! Jeez!

I asked her to message me because she was seriously humiliating me by calling me those things and she was like "uh no you message me?" and the conversation went word for word like this:

I changed what I thought should be changed. If it still isn't good enough then I guess I can't do it. ^^

Your uh... apparent apathy is impeccable. However, I feel as though I have almost no choice but to accept it considering my situation

Oh no, you don't HAVE to do anything for me. Come to think of it, I barely have computer time so I won't be much use and based on the characters already listed no one would rp with someone who's supposed to be a little girl. I'm alright with it ^^

Not to sound rude, but why did you even join then? The rules say you have to post at least once every two weeks, for one... And if you didn't think anybody would play with a 'supposed little girl', why did you pick her to play?

Because I didnt know before yesterday that i wouldnt have internet at my home, so surprise for both of us. And i thought it would be boring to choose a male jrocker that EVERYONE roleplays and people need a new face. But apparently I'm illiterate and make lacking and wimpy descriptions, so I think I'll find a more welcome place for me elsewhere. Thank you for helping me sign up, but I don't want to be accepted because you feel like you HAVE to.

Well I'm sorry that you're not mature enough for a literate forum

Now I didn't save what I sent to her after that but it was somewhere along the lines of maturity has nothing to do with my level of literacy and flat out explained to her what literacy was. So after that I just told her I would go someplace where I was welcomed.

But honestly, if people like that are on rp forums then I don't want to rp. Nowhere in those messages was I rude, snotty, or mean to her and here she is wearing her ass for a hat. Just don't be like that type of person. Its not attractive to anyone.

/end rant now


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